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Rod Cohen — 2 years ago
Great app, especially for mobile. Desktop tool makes it a plus.
webcs — 2 years ago
There is a limit to the amount of data you can upload using a free account - 60mg. Reminder messages do not always top.
Sonya Devis — 3 years ago
Perfect for notes. The web app also helps pretty much.
Jawad Ahmed — 3 years ago
I was so reluctant to try and understand it, but now that i have tried, i love it. Its awesome. Please increase the free limit to at least 250mb per month.
xiaoshuo — 5 years ago
best notepad
PMc — 5 years ago
So incredibly useful ... great idea!! Downside: sometimes doesn't copy directly from the webpage ... I then have to close the page after Ctrl C ... & open-up Evernote manually, then I Ctrl V the info ... still, it's a great vehicle to help my memory!! PMc / Lincs - UK
Guest #11380418 — 6 years ago
I use only the very basic features so far and have been rather happy with them. Right now, I use it mostly to have access to certain notes and jottings from any computer.
Guest #14180824 — 6 years ago
best app
Bethrezen — 8 years ago
How could i live without such incredible note taking app? Grab notes instantly from any website or document into evernote. Never waste your time looking again for something u saw some hours later on the internet, clip it to evernote!
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